Since its formation in March of 1994, Arbor Homes has successfully met the challenge of providing new homes to nearly 9,000 new homeowners in central Indiana. As a locally owned and operated business, Arbor takes great pride in building relationships with the communities in which we are involved and the homeowners for whom we are building.

Under the leadership of president and founder, Curtis Rector, Arbor Homes has seen phenomenal growth. Much of the driving force for constant improvement is based on Mr. Rectors commitment to caring for Arbor Homes associates, contractors, suppliers, and customers. His leadership emanates strong character and integrity, which serves as an example for the entire company and ultimately influences all areas of contact with Arbor Homes buyers.

"We started Arbor Homes with a specific purpose and plan," states Curtis, "and that was to create products (homes) and mortgage systems and procedures that would enable as many people as possible to purchase their first home. By clearly defining our market and targeting a specific category of home buyer, we experienced immediate success." Continued success over the past decade has been the result of effectively meeting the changing needs of our buyers. Through advancements such as the development of the Summit Series, Arbor Homes has been able to assist buyers in all stages in life and those in need of more space and basements.

"Prospective customers will find a little different product in each Arbor Home community because we target a specific market for each development," explains Curtis. "This allows us to streamline the whole process of product design and marketing - a savings we can pass on to our customers. It also creates a neighborhood identity or personality that our buyers are drawn to."

Arbors homes are designed with the buyer in mind and include many features for which other builders charge extra. We invite you to visit one of our many great locations and experience how Arbor offers you Serious Home for the Money.

We invite you to visit one of our 20 great locations today to experience how Arbor Homes offers you Serious Home for the Money.